Micro AM4



The MICRO AM4 series consist of a system of 4 insulators combined in parallel. The varied load capacity they can withstand (from 20 daN to 500 daN) makes them the most suitable for insulating all kinds of machinery with low frequency (below 600 rpm). Their most outstanding feature is their lateral reinforcement, which limits the roll of the insulator in the event of momentary stresses in dynamic operation. Moreover, they have a rubber gasket inside the reinforcement which absorbs vibration by rubbing, dissipating part of vibratory energy in heat.

  • Low frequency isolators very indicated for HVAC installations
  • Colour coded for ease of identification
  • Springs are protected with epoxy-polyester resin painting, resulting in high resistance to weathering
  • Recommended in areas prone to high winds or earthquakes
  • Isolator spring very indicated to work in equipments with lateral movement or quick changes of speed such as fans, chillers...
  • M12 leveling screws can be supplied separately for leveling
  • From 20 kg to 500 kg load


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