• TG

The TG, TPM and TM series are designed to prevent the transmission of vibrations and structural noise of acoustic ceilings in halls and auditoriums, multi-cinemas, large department stores or areas which need to be vibro-acoustically insulated.

Also for air conditionning units and any dynamic equipment to be suspended from the ceiling.

The TG, TPM and TM series have different modules, each of which is indicated for a specific application, depending on the weight to be supported and the disturbance frequency it generates. The TG series is in rubber only and TM and TPM models are with springs.

TG :

  • Rubber Mount manufactured in NR (natural rubber)
  • 2 rubber quality or hardness available
  • 25 or 50 kg load

TPM & TM : 

  • Low frequency isolators very indicated for HVAC installations
  • Colour coded for ease of identification
  • Springs are protected with epoxy-polyester resin painting, resulting in high resistance to weathering
  • From 5 to 550 kg load


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